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Medicilon is Listed as the 2020 TOP10 Innovation CRO in China


Dec.20, 2020, Hebei—The 13th China Pharmaceutical Strategy Conference 2020 was held successfully. The conference presented the list of “the 2020 TOP10 Innovation CRO in China”. The list included the 10 CRO that made tremendous innovation and achievements and Medicilon was honored to be one of the 10.

In the past year, Medicilon has extensively deployed innovative technology research services in drug discovery, CMC and preclinical research including PROTAC technology, oncoimmuno therapy pharmacology, and mRNA vaccine preclinical research, etc.

Aside from advanced technology, Medicilon built totally 10 thousand square meters of GMP-compliant API and formulation pilot plant to fully empower the research and production of innovative and generic medicines.

As the most important annual industry event, the 13th China Pharmaceutical Strategy Conference 2020 chose “All-Fields Combined Innovation” as the theme and was joined by KOLs and prestigious academicians in the industry.




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